Prepare for a long-haul or another week of commuting with the perfect motorcycle seat. Stay comfortable on the road with a new cover, seat accessory or an aftermarket replacement seat. Compare these and other options with this motorcycle seat buying guide for your specific type of ride.

Comfortable Seat Options

It’s all about the padding. The shape and type of compound affects the overall comfort of your seat more than any other feature. Foam seats are the most common, although gel cushions are also popular. Both have pros and cons, so some riders add a gel cushion to the top of their foam seat. Learn more about these two common padding options before customizing your ride.

Most seats are categorized based on the type of riding, so look for a seat designed for your type of bike. Gel cushions are usually better for high-pressure, high-impact applications, so you may not see many gel touring seats. Instead, you want ample foam cut in a supportive design for years of support and comfort.

Consider your riding position before you purchase a seat. Some aftermarket seats keep you more upright or help you lean in on your ride. These slight seat alterations can make all the difference after miles of cruising. Be sure your bike can accommodate the riding position and seat style you purchase before gearing up for a thrilling ride.

Stylish Upgrades

The contour, cover material and trim features of your seat are all about style. Shop for Harley seats with iconic leather covering. Compare dyes, trim features and stitching for a unique seat that sets your bike apart. Leather isn’t for everyone so you can also consider a vinyl seat cover. Vinyl is a great option for easy cleaning and low-maintenance performance.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable on your bike but still happy with your existing seat, consider grabbing a few additional components. Separate armrests, backrests, passenger seats and cushions can be the finishing touches you need for your next cross-country ride. Backrests are particularly popular for long rides. These add-ons can connect to most OEM or aftermarket seats and offer the back relief you need.

Seat Accessories

Shop for brackets, heated seats, replacement covers, springs and other replacement components to complete your seating situation. Compare universal or make and model specific accessories to enjoy a ride tailored to your style.

These accessories are excellent for repairing a damaged seat or for an aftermarket upgrade. New springs give you the bounce you need as you cruise around potholes. A mounting kit or replacement seat straps help you connect your aftermarket seat to your bike.

Take a Seat and Hit the Road

Keep comfortable on the road with sport bike seats to replace your worn-out seat. Enjoy the best seat around while you eat up the miles to your next destination or explore an off-road trail near you. Save money on your order to spend on other aftermarket gear by shopping online. Don’t let a hard, uncomfortable or unsupportive seat prevent you from taking to the road and enjoying time on two wheels.