How Dorma Doors Enhance Security and Privacy in Your Home

Dorma offers premium access solutions that enable better buildings. The company produces architectural door controls, including revolving, sliding and manual swing doors, specialty hardware for glass door and wall applications, and operable wall systems featuring Modernfold.

Enhanced Security

A burglary occurs every 30 seconds, so safeguarding your home with reliable security systems from top brands is crucial. The company has a long history of delivering premium access solutions that enable better buildings. They manufacture a complete portfolio of door technology systems, including doors and movable wall systems, cores and locks, automatic doors and security systems.

Their range of doors includes revolving and interlocks, which accurately give access to one person only, eliminating access to tailgating and piggybacking. They also incorporate features that prevent unauthorized entry, such as edge sensor strips, weight mats, SRD Vision sensors and bullet-proof glass.

Dorma doors New York are built to last for decades. Crane doors, for example, are made using welded construction and the highest quality materials. Their metals are welded together rather than fastened with screws and are designed to be corrosion-resistant, which helps them stand up to the elements for years.

Concealed Closers

Many people prefer to have a door closer installed on their doors for the safety and convenience they offer. They help prevent entries from slamming shut, which can cause damage or injury, and they control the opening swing of the door.

Overhead concealed door closers are a popular choice. They are easily fitted in the frame head and can be mounted on the push or pull side. They can also be fixed to fire-rated doors with an intumescent kit.

Aside from overhead door closers, other dorma door products enhance building security with concealed solutions. For example, their security revolving doors and interlocks restrict access to specific facility areas for top-level access security while preventing piggybacking and tailgating. This ensures that only the intended person is allowed into the premises. These are ideal for commercial buildings, schools and hospitals where it is important to keep unwanted people out.

Increased Durability

Dorma door systems are crafted using sturdy materials and are designed to withstand many forms of damage, including weather. The doors feature lowered thresholds to prevent water and rain from entering the home, enhancing functionality.

Moreover, dorma doors offer several options for operating and security levels to ensure maximum durability. Our KT revolving door systems have a disabled button that slows down the door’s speed to make it easier for people with disabilities to pass through. Our security rotating doors and interlocks also precisely grant entry to a single individual.

To ensure your safety and security with each door application, our professionals will help you choose the appropriate hardware for your upcoming project. To find out more about our goods and services, get in touch with us immediately.

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