Prom night is an incredibly important part in any teen’s life. However, one of the greatest risks they run on that night is transportation. While they may want to drive themselves, the reality is that they are highly inexperienced and that many will be distracted and perhaps even under the influence of alcohol. As a parent, you can help make prom night even more special while also giving yourself peace of mind by hiring a limousine service Atlanta.

A Limousine Service Atlanta Gives You True Peace of Mind

Parents know how important prom night is to the children but I do want it to be a safe night as well as a fun night. Naturally, parents should talk to their children about the dangers of distracted driving and driving under the influence, but this message often doesn’t quite hit home. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are more accidents on prom night, with an increase in the number of both fatalities and injuries. While teen drivers are already at greater risk of being involved in road traffic accidents, this risk has statistically been shown to be even greater during prom night. Hence, as a parent, hiring a limousine service is a great way to ensure your child does not become a statistic.

Of course, hiring a limousine is also a little piece of luxury that your child will greatly appreciate. Often, High School proms are held in event venues or hotels that your team may not even know. If they have to be focused on their outfits, their date, having fun, and more, it is almost too much to ask for them to also pay attention to operating a vehicle in an unknown area. Not just that, prom nights are in the evening, which means it is dark, which can be another problem. Then, there is the fact that your teen will have to park somewhere, often quite some distance from the venue itself, which once again increases the chance of them getting lost but also of them falling victim to a personal attack. By hiring a limousine, you will know your child will be picked up from your front door, dropped off at the entrance to the prom, picked back up from there, and dropped back off at your front door.

Then there is the fact that your limousine driver can also become your emergency contact. They will not remain at the prompt to babysit your child, but you can contact them while they are on the road to ensure your child is there, or after words to ensure your child is where they said they should be. Limousines tend to be tracked by there companies, which means the dispatch will always be able to find out exactly where the vehicle is.

As you can see, hiring a limousine is a great way to make sure your child feels extra special, while you have the peace of mind of knowing that they are completely safe. Do make sure you book in advance, as you certainly will not be the only parent wanting to do this.