Over 75% of the fastest growing occupations in the USA require you to be educated to at least a high school diploma level. It is therefore very important that your education starts at the right level so that you can build upon this and guarantee yourself a good job with a good wage and a bright future and it is important to do this without feeling harassed.

In today’s environment graduates will compete against the most intelligent people from all over the world. On the whole, people are much more content with travelling and relocating even to a different Country to experience life and the working environment there. It always looks good on the CV.

Whilst in power one of President Obama hit the news when he explained that one of his key goals was to create a nation where every child received the education that they deserved. He made a pledge that the United States would become a world leader in terms of those who attended and completed a college qualification and he said that students from any state in the USA, after finishing high school, would receive either one year in a specialist training environment or college whether you live in Connecticut state, Florida. Manchester or Los Angeles. He entrusted the Colleges Principals and their board of trustees with doing their part to make this happen.

What then are the positives of the current USA school system that will promote and encourage this success?

The country which as we know is made up of fifty states, covering a vast area of land means that there are different teachers, areas or colleges that are proficient in certain subjects. These colleges are able to welcome their new recruits from all over the USA thus picking the best people for the job and almost ensuring success. These are the thoughts and beliefs of Chris Bugbee who has worked in education all of his life.

The US education system also offers an awful lot of freedom of choice regarding what subjects you may want to study. It is possible to try out a few different routes, and along with your teachers you can decide the best path for you.

The US education system, which appeals to the most intelligent scholars from across the globe, will visit the colleges in the USA and do a lesson in the department that is relevant to their knowledge. Therefore, the students will get to meet these gifted individuals, which is a very privileged and inspiring opportunity.

The college campus encourages an active social life, where you get to know your fellow students extremely well.  All of the essential establishments such as cafes, clubs, restaurants and bars will be found on campus. You will become a member of a very tightly knit community. This will build bonds of extreme trust between you and your fellow colleagues, this will not just bring happiness and contentment on a social level, but this will also transfer into the classroom. You will discuss the complexities of your studies with your classmates and this will aid your understanding. You will work in teams that have bonds, and you will all give your best performance as you will not want to let each other down.