Pregnancy is such an exciting time and full of many firsts.The first heartbeat, kick, hiccup, odd pain sensation, never heard of late night cravings, and so much more. The female body is a profound balance of science happenings, and changes quite quickly during the course of pregnancy, and those changes can lead to some unfortunately often severe discomfort and pain. Pelvic pain is a normal issue during pregnancy, as it expands to prepare for the birth process. When we think of pelvic pain or heaviness, we tend to believe it only happens during the third trimester, but actually these issues can happen during the first and second trimesters as well. If you’re pregnant or helping someone that is pregnant, you might be in a quick need to learn a few techniques and options to relieve discomfort, whether mild or severe. Since taking many medications is off limits during the pregnancy timeline to prevent side effects from harming the baby, many resort to natural and more holistic methods for relief. Let’s take a look at the top three pain relief techniques:

  1. Take a warm bath or shower. While this may seem basic in nature, warm water can alleviate a tremendous amount of symptoms and pelvic pain pregnancy is not exempt from that relief method. Taking a warm shower can provide near instant, inexpensive and repeated relief. Ensuring the water is warm and not overly hot is critical so not to burn your skin or cause shock.
  2. Get a prenatal massage. Getting massages, similar to the same benefits as a warm shower, can solve and provide relief for so many health conditions, aches and pains. Relieving pressure and getting the hormones and lymph nodes flowing, to remove all the stagnant energy and resources is sometimes one of the best acts of self-love and health care you can get for yourself. It’s advisable of course to seek professional treatment for this, to ensure proper techniques are followed for the best treatment path. 
  3. Wear proper comfortable shoes. This might be another simple suggestion, but quite effective. Wearing high heeled shoes puts unnecessary pressure on your bones and puts your body out of alignment. This, mixed with the additional pressures and bodily changes brought in with pregnancy, can wreak havoc on the usual comforts of life. Wearing properly balanced shoes enables proper movement and alignment of the feet, knees, legs, pelvis, back, neck and shoulders. Your entire spinal column relies on your feet to set and keep it straight. Good comfortable shoes are the foundation of life.

Pregnancy, parenthood and all these entail are full of challenges, in some of the most curious manners. Taking good and basic self care for yourself when pain and discomfort arise, can be as simple as taking a warm shower to relieve pressure from your pelvic area. Creating another human life and bringing one into the world is not for the faint of heart, so doing the basics like wearing comfortable shoes – especially if you walk or are on your feet a lot – is critical to keeping yourself in as much comfort and away from discomfort as possible.